Hostel / Low Care / Semi-Independant Care

Understanding the different needs of the community we cater for different levels of care and pride ourselves on our ability to care for those in need.

We are able to accomodate married couples either together or seperately and we strongly believe in maintaining the family unit as much as possible.

Moving to a new environment can be difficult and as such we understand the importance of maintaining as good a quality of life as possible for all residents. As such all residents spend time with a Diversional therapist on a regular basis. The diversional therapy is provided to promote activities, which entertain and also promote ongoing lifestyles the residents had prior to entering the centre. The individual attention is important as each resident may have a different view of what they see as quality of life. Thus we match the diversion to the appropriate individual.

We encourage activities, and Musicians visit the centre on a regular basis. External activities such as the theatre plays, Circus events are attended when in town. We also now have our own Men’s Club who enjoy men's only activities and outings together.

Low care

Hostel level care is now referred to as Low Care.

Within the low care area we accomodate 40 residents. The hostel facility consists of private rooms with an ensuite and patio.

Semi-independent Low Care

Recently completed is a new 15 bed semi-independent low care area. These rooms have their own cooking facilities, ensuite and provide a more independent area where care can be provided when needed, but still maintain an independent lifestyle.

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Nursing Home Residents Patio Low Care Dinning Room and Common Room